Live Performances combining The Moving Body, Puppetry, Mask, Video, Dance, and Installation create compelling dramatic experiences for the audience. These ingredients serve as metaphors in performance so that audience members may relate their own experience to the objects and gestures presented by the performer. Puppetry, Dance, and Mask communicate that which cannot be described in words, and therefore are accessible to communities around the globe.

Dance reminds us that we are human.  Mask hides the person, so that which craves exposure can be revealed. Puppetry allows a character to say anything, taboo or not, while often reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously.

With consideration of the multiple ingredients mentioned, the creation of art and performance occurs with the observation of nature. Nature is the source from which art is derived with love being the constant energy moving us forward with motivation and intention.

Sova Dance and Puppet Theater local & international happenings:

Please join us for The Living Forest Series at Sticks and Stones Farm in Newtown. Saturdays,

July 11, 10am-noon Alicia North guides us on a plant hike "Plants have Personality"

Upcoming "Sticks can Walk" - bringing the forest debris to life through visually creative performance techniques.

News & Updates:

INTEGRATIVE CORE FITNESS classes ongoing on WEDNESDAYS at 7pm in the yoga studio in the stone barn at Sticks and Stones Farm. Please join Adele for fun & focused dynamic stretching and core strengthening exercises. $17 per class or $150 for a 10 class pass.

Final Artist-in-Residence performance at the Ridgefield Guild of Artists was an uplifting summer solistice experience. You can now view excerpts online. Click to YouTube for the video "From Branches to Air."

RSO "Symphonie Espagnole" 2013"Dancers" by Justin Perlman of Sova Theater at the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra's "Symphonie Espagnole" concert 2013. Special Thanks to Gary and Susie Singer, the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra & the Conservatory!

Sova Theater performed "Branches" at Sandglass Theater in Putney, VT on November, 2013.

"A" was a success at the Ridgefield Guild of Artists! What a great audience! Read more about "A"

MASQUE Theatre performs "Blues, Blues" in Taiwan for the Children's Art Education Festival in August. In March this year Adelka and Larry conducted Mask & Movement workshops in Izmir, Turkey along with showings of "Blues, Blues."

Birds & Butoh performances - KIDBOP and BEBOP led by artist Michael Pestel and dancer Taketeru Kudo at the Mattress Factory also involved performers Ben Opie, tENT, a.c., Mclean Denny, Caterina De Re, Adelka Polak and friends. Performances were June 26-July 15, 2011. Photos from the Mattress Factory performances can be viewed at this link. You can also view a video link from one Aviary performance and interview with the Butoh artist.